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AIGS Pets Gene Detection

By using LifeReal  AIGS detection kit, the operator only needs to add the magnetic beads from the kit and the liquid sample to the cartridge, scan the bar-code to the AIGS instrument, and then load the cartridge to the slot of the machine so to automatically complete the test until it judges the definite result. There is no need to equip the PCR laboratory. 

      ☆ Automatically from sample to report
      ☆ High sensitivity and accurate result
      ☆ Easy operation, Microfluidic design 
      ☆ Close system, No contamination



Fluorescence detection accuracy CV: 2.78% (Chinese industrial standard ≤5%)

The AIGS controls the magnetic field to drive the nano-magnetic beads in the cartridge to make the nucleic acids specifically combined to the magnetic beads, and sequentially pass through the washing areas, then finally reach the amplification detection area to complete the real-time fluorescent PCR detection. And the test results will be displayed on the screen or forwarded the cloud server through wired or mobile networks simultaneously.

      ☆ 4 independent units  carry out  detection of different samples
      ☆ A fully integrated gene extraction  and analysis system
      ☆ Internet+ data transfer

For sample:Blood,Sputum,Urine and other body fluid.



For sample:Tissue,faeces,others need to be homogenized.

     ◎ Step1.Pre-installed consumables, handling 24 samples in one minute.



     ◎ Step2:As the sample body fluid.

Order No.& specifications

     Detection kit


     Part of forthcoming detection kit



     Sample preparation system


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