NanoReady Touch
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NanoReady Touch 
Micro volume spectrophotometer


NanoReady Touch series Micro volume UV-Vis spectrophotometer with built-in 7-inch color touch screen, can complete all detection functions without connecting a computer, display test results in real time, store historical data, and export to a computer. The Android operating system, optimized for the touch operation habits, improves the operating feelings. The integrated design and more compact size are ideal to save the space in the crowded laboratories, or as the in-vehicle mobile inspection device.

It can be applied to the concentration detection of nucleic acids, proteins, bacterial cell cultures, etc., as well as the absorbance measurement of unknown samples

      >Micro volume samples low to 5μl

      >Fastest detection time: 5 seconds

      >Wider detection concentration range: 0.2-27500 ng/μl

      >Bigger detection range covering UV visible: 185-910 nm



      >Large size color touch screen——Built-in 7-inch high-resolution color touch screen for more detection information, all operations can be done on the screen.
      >Wider detection range——The 0.03 mm minimum detection path length, combined with a new generation of spectrometers, increases the maximum detection concentration to 27,500 ng/μL and the lowest detection concentration as low as 0.2 ng/μL dsDNA.
      >Vary models for your choice——According to different demands, you can choose different models of products, the full wavelength or the fixed wavelength, micro volume or cuvette, to meet the flexible detection needs. The cuvette module has a heating stirrer function.
      >Customizable wavelength——Built-in spectrometer, fixed wavelength model, can be upgraded to any wavelength configuration in the wavelength range according to your needs. 
      >Light status prompt——The lighting strip around the test stand flashes with different states to show the detection process straightforwardly.
      >Android operating system——The machine has built-in operating system and detection software, without need a computer. Graphical touch operation is more in line with user friendly design and improves work efficiency.
      >Stable and reliable detection value——Both low concentration and ultra-high concentration of nucleic acid can be stably and accurately detected.


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